Kitchen Design Trends of 2017

Looking to restyle your kitchen in 2017? The latest kitchen design trends are great for any home. Check out these top kitchen design trends of 2017 for ideas on how to incorporate natural stone into your space.


kitchen design trends of 2017 The less clutter on your countertops, the better! Fewer countertop appliances—or storing them out of sight—is the preferred way to go. Not only does this keep things looking clean and put-together, it also helps show off your beautiful countertops! Whether you want to embrace the minimal style and opt for a simple quartz countertop, or choose a dramatic granite slab, the minimalist kitchen style works for anyone.

Gorgeous Gray

We have seen a lot of white kitchen lately, but some people feel that white is a little too cold. If you want to stick with a clean, monochromatic theme, gray is on trend. From soft, pale grays to edgier near-black shades, gray is the perfect in-between if you think white is a little too stark. Plus, there are some lovely gray countertop options in quartz, natural stone, and granite!


If you don’t already have stone countertops, consider quartz if you want to upgrade. While each natural stone has its benefits, quartz is becoming increasingly popular. Part of this is due to improved technology, allowing quartz countertop prices to drop. In 2017, ditch the laminate countertops and check out the endless options of quartz countertops.

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