Laminate Countertop Edges in Arlington and Granbury, TX

Laminate Countertop Edges

Laminate Edges Can Double the Apparent Thickness of Your Countertops.

Most granite slabs installed in home are two or three centimeters thick. With laminate countertop edges, you can easily create the appearance of a thicker slab without doubling the cost and weight. Many people enjoy a laminate edge on countertops such as kitchen islands or bars that they want to stand out. A laminate edge can add a dramatic, eye-catching focal point to your space.

If you want an especially stunning countertop, laminate edges present an ideal choice. By adhering an extra piece of granite along the edge of your countertop, it will appear twice as thick. For laminate countertop edges in Arlington, TX, call Wholesale Granite Direct at 817-962-2616.

Benefits of Laminate Countertop Edges

Laminate Countertop Edges

A Laminate Edge Provides a Great Way to Emphasize Exceptional Pieces of Stone.

If you found a great piece of stone you want to show off, consider a laminate edge. Some homeowners enjoy a laminate edge attached to an Ogee edge or Bevel edge for an even more dramatic piece. However, some slabs may be less suitable for a laminate edge. Because the edge is glued on, you will see the seam when you look up close. However, some granite helps make the seam less conspicuous. Darker colors with finer patterns will hide the seam better while lighter colors with larger marbling may be more obvious.

While it seems easy to glue an extra piece of stone onto your countertops, you need an expert fabricator to do it well. An experienced granite installer will make sure that the edges are evenly cut and adhered with a quality glue. Our installers also ensure the attached edge flows as seamlessly as possible from one piece to the other.

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For top-quality laminate countertop edges, give us a call! Wholesale Granite Direct has several trained granite fabricators to ensure you receive the best stone at the best prices. If you’re not sure what stone you want, come by our showroom, serving all of the DFW Metroplex! You can also use our Granite Visualizer to get some ideas.

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