Granite Edge Profiles in Arlington and Granbury, TX

Granite Edge Profiles

The Edge of Your Countertop Represents Another Important Design Element.

A lot goes into your choice of granite countertops. You must first settle on a price range, then choose a design that you like. You must also consider how it works within your present design environment, and whether the stone is large enough and suitable for your intended use. The decisions do not end there, however, as you must also choose among granite edge profiles.

To complete the design of any granite or natural stone countertop, you’ll need to select the perfect profile edge to suit your style. Whether you want something sleek, straight, or fancy, Wholesale Granite Direct offers a variety of options. If you have questions about granite edge profiles in Arlington, TX, call us at 817-962-2616.

Granite Edge Profiles: The Finishing Touch

granite edge profiles Different granite edge profiles provide the finishing touch to your new granite or natural stone countertops. Specific edge profiles evoke certain styles, and they require skilled fabricators to get quality results. Here are a few styles we offer at Wholesale Granite Direct.

Straight: Sometimes called an eased edge, the straight edge profile actually has slightly curved edges to avoid sharp corners. The clean, simple style works well in any style home, especially modern and contemporary designs. Euro style or waterfall countertops have straight edge profiles.

Ogee: The beautiful and elegant Ogee edge profile can quickly transform any room. If you prefer a more classic, sophisticated look, the Ogee edge is perfect for you. This edge works especially well with marble and in bathrooms.

Laminate: If you want the appearance of a thicker slab of granite, consider a laminate edge. An extra piece of granite is fixed underneath the edge of the countertop, making it appear twice as thick. A laminate edge can really help an island or countertop edge stand out.

  • Bevel These edges draw attention and give countertops a heavier, more traditional appearance.
  • Demi Bullnose A common choice for homeowners, demi bullnose edges provide a classic, unobtrusive look.
  • Full Bullnose The full bullnose is rounded both at the top and bottom for a versatile elegance that looks great anywhere.
  • Laminate A laminate edge can provide a particularly stunning look through its adhesion of additional stone.
  • Ogee Another popular choice, this type of edge adds a delicate touch to your countertops.
  • Straight This type of edge provides a clean and modern look. The edges remain slightly rounded to prevent injury.

Imagine The Possibilities!

Not sure which edge profile you like best? We also provide Bevel, Demi Bullnose, and Full Bullnose edge profiles. You can talk to one of our design experts to figure out what will work best in your space. The right edge profile can pull a room together, while the wrong one may have you regretting your decision. Also, be advised that due to a specific stone‚Äôs hardness and thickness, not all edge profiles work with every material. Call us to see if we can accommodate the stone and profile edge you want.

For fabrication of granite edge profiles in Arlington, TX, look no further than Wholesale Granite Direct! Call us at 817-962-2616.

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