Granite & Quartz Countertops in Coppell, TX

For a stunning improvement to your house, ponder the installation of granite countertops in your kitchen. At Wholesale Granite Direct, we offer a extensive variety of granite countertops that combines both polished and rustic choices. Those who need natural countertops usually go for granite over artificial alternatives like quartz, tile, or laminate. This naturalness also indicates that each granite countertop is a singular item.

Even though most people pick granite due to its looks, it additionally boasts auxiliary benefits. If adequately taken care of, a granite countertop should persist for decades. Sealant offers a solution for granite’s only disadvantages: porousness and openness to stains. In excess of 100 varieties of granite exist in various colors, styles, and price points. Phone our company at 817-962-2616 should you require help with your choice. For superb granite countertops in Coppell, TX, you should consistently depend on the experts at Wholesale Granite Direct.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops

Granite and Quartz Also Work Wonders When Installed in a Bathroom.

When one considers countertops, people generally count quartz as a natural stone. Considering their comparable prices, buyers typically wonder about the differences between quartz and granite counters. When you hold it up directly to granite, quartz isn’t porous and has heightened durability. When you consider bathrooms, most customers choose quartz thanks to its non-porousness. Quartz is furthermore available in a huge array of styles and colors.


Quartz and Granite Showroom & Warehouse

We have a massive variety of quartz and granite counters. Our team will help you navigate this galaxy of options to identify your residence’s ideal countertops. You can additionally use our Kitchen, Granite, and Bathroom Visualizer to get started in the selection procedure. You can also come down and visit our showroom and warehouse, where a vast array of quartz and granite countertops await your search. When you need a premier selection and incredible prices for quartz countertops in Coppell, TX, search no further than Wholesale Granite Direct.

  • Granite Countertop All-natural granite encourages superb design capabilities.
  • Quartz Countertop Though not 100 percent natural, quartz isn’t porous and is marginally more durable than granite.

Additional Stone Countertops

We supply many types of stone countertops aside from quartz and granite. Between our all-natural stone selection, slate and soapstone are popular picks for counters, whereas marble provides a singular elegance. If you desire something really singular, we additionally provide a rare and exceptional variety of options among our specialty stone countertops. For an even more exceptional effect in your kitchen, you should consider our Euro style countertops.

  • Natural Stone We maintain a extensive assortment of natural stone that counts marble, slate, and soapstone.
  • Specialty Stone For anyone who wants something rarefied, this assortment involves rare cuts and kinds of quartz, granite, and other stones.
  • Euro Style Euro style countertops, additionally called waterfall countertops, make an impressive statement in the kitchen.


Quartz & Granite Installation & Sales

When people consider stone as a piece of home decor, they almost always focus on granite and quartz. We actually provide an extensive assortment of installation services at Wholesale Granite Direct. Regardless of where, we can provide natural stone touches and installations in practically every room around the house. Showers implemented with natural stone assuredly improve the design of a bathroom, and a backsplash installed in the kitchen brings the whole room together. Our granite remnants offer superb material for accent touches throughout the home.

  • Backsplashes Our tile and stone backsplashes provide the true finishing element to a room.
  • Showers Our company can elevate any shower into a heavenly oasis.
  • Sinks From stainless steel to natural stone, we offer a wide selection of sinks.
  • Remnants Our assortment of granite remnants provides excellent material for accent elements and small tables.

Edge Profiles

Edge Profiles

Different edge profiles supply an adornment for your granite or quartz countertops. Edge profiles can drastically affect the look of granite countertops. We possess a full selection of edge profiles that includes complimentary and upgraded options, so that anyone can make a decision that suits their personal decor.

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