Specialty Stone Countertops in Arlington and Granbury, TX

Unique Countertops

A Specialty Countertop Can Serve as the Design Centerpiece of a Kitchen.

A specialty stone can practically guarantee that you will never find yourself in a kitchen with the same countertops as your own. Clients who need a true statement piece can also be served through our inventory of unique countertops. Specialty stones may include granite, quartz, or other stone materials. They may also refer to a specialty fabrication or unique cut of stone. If your space requires an unusual shape, or if you have singular design requirements, you may need specialty countertops.

If you want to make a real statement in your kitchen or bathroom, you should also consider specialty stone countertops by Wholesale Granite Direct. Whether you want a unique cut or rare and exotic stone, our expert granite installers can help. Give us a call at 817-962-2616 to learn more about our specialty stone and unique countertops in Arlington, TX.

Specialty & Unique Countertops

Unique Countertops

Rare Varieties of Granite Can Serve as a Specialty Countertop.

Dramatic cuts and edge profiles can easily overwhelm a space if overused. If you’re looking to make a statement in your kitchen, for example, you could choose a dramatic island with more traditional perimeter countertops. Euro-style or waterfall countertops can achieve this look, as can a particularly stunning piece of granite.

Some rare types of granite and other natural stones are considered a specialty product. At Wholesale Granite Direct, we are proud to offer some more exotic granite and stone in addition to our other inventory. With the rising popularity of stone and granite countertops, homeowners and builders are increasingly looking for unique, statement pieces of stone. Your kitchen or a home bar are excellent spaces to showcase specialty stone countertops. If you’re looking for a particular stone or cut, give us a call to see if we can help. Our skilled granite fabricators have years of experience in installing all kinds of natural stone.

Consult Our Natural Stone Specialists

To make sure you find the perfect stone for your home, talk to one of our installation and design specialists. We can help you determine what stone might work best for your kitchen or the walls of your shower. No matter the project, we want to help make your dreams a reality!

For specialty stone countertops in Arlington, TX, call Wholesale Granite Direct at 817-962-2616. We serve the entire DFW metroplex!

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