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If you have been dreaming of renovating your kitchen or bathroom but hesitated because you thought it would break your budget, then stop dreaming and start renovating! Wholesale Granite Direct offers Silestone products at affordable, wholesale prices you won’t find at any other wholesale company. In addition, our friendly staff members can help you select Silestone products that are perfect for your renovation. From the time you visit Wholesale Granite Direct and throughout the installation process, we are available to assist you in any way possible.

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What is Silestone?

By combining 95 percent refined quartz with a variety of resilient, refined minerals, the makers of Silestone have created one of the most attractive and ideal surfaces for bathroom and kitchen countertops. Smooth, durable, and beautifully-fashioned by expert artisans, Silestone also offers antibacterial qualities due to its nonporous surface. Unlike granite countertops that have tiny fissures embedded in their surfaces, Silestone is a nonabsorbent material that’s devoid of microscopic crevices where bacteria can hide. When you clean a Silestone countertop, you are essentially deep cleaning that surface because it is completely nonporous.

Benefits of Silestone Countertops

  • Silestone is stronger than granite because it is nonporous and therefore much less likely to crack, chip, or break
  • Silestone quartz countertops are less expensive than granite countertops and can significantly reduce your remodeling budget
  • With more flexibility than granite, Silestone makes it easier to customize the size and shape of countertops which require unusual perimeters
  • Prefabricated pieces of Silestone quartz can be put in place without noticeable seams showing
  • Silestone is highly resistant to damage such as scratching, burns/scorches, and chipping
  • The nonporous surface of Silestone makes it nearly impossible for it to stain permanently. Alternately, granite countertops absorb liquids and are more susceptible to staining and absorbing odors
  • No sealing process is required with Silestone countertops. If you spill coffee or red wine on a Silestone countertop, just wipe up the spill with a moist cloth and a small amount of dish soap or mild cleaner

Silestone Countertop Installation

The most important aspect of installing a Silestone countertop is obtaining accurate measurements of the space in which you want to install your new countertop. In addition, special tools, adhesives, and other equipment are needed to properly install Silestone countertops.

Wholesale Granite Direct can help you throughout the installation process by answering all your questions and providing professional assistance upon request. Whether you plan to use granite or Silestone in your next remodeling project, our Dallas/Fort Worth countertop technicians are just a phone call away to offer expert advice and guidance.

Call Wholesale Granite Direct at 817-962-2616 for useful answers to your questions about Silestone countertops, the installation process, and more.

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