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How Much Do Granite Countertops Cost in Arlington and Richardson TX?

Granite Countertops Cost

Granite Countertops Represent an Excellent Investment into the Value of Your Home.

If you’ve ever wanted premium countertops, but scoffed at the thought of how much granite costs, then you probably it as a premium option for a home.  While this is true, these countertops do not cost as much as people often think. Over the past decade, the popularity of granite countertops has soared, as more and more homeowners find them a relatively reasonable investment into the elegance of a home. If you have begun to consider granite, then you likely know that a huge wealth of options exist. From color to patterns and design elements like profile edges, you must make many decisions before you begin installation.

At Wholesale Granite Direct, we help our clients through every step of the selection, design, fabrication, and installation processes. As a wholesale provider, we can even offer our clients rock-bottom prices for all varieties of slabs. Believe it or not, you can even choose budget options without sacrificing either appearance or quality. To learn more about how much granite countertops cost in Arlington, TX, continue reading below.

Granite Countertops Cost

Granite Countertops Cost

The Cost of Granite Countertops Will Rise as You Include Extras like Euro Styling or Ogee edges.

Though granite countertops once represented a particularly pricey investment, they have become much more affordable in recent years. Granite can actually represent the least expensive option for someone who wants a natural stone countertop. When you consider the cost of granite countertops, you need to look at a few different factors:

  • The Cost of Granite
  • Square Footage
  • Labor
  • Edging
  • Additional Materials

The Cost of Granite: Granite presents a wealth of options that cover a large range of prices. The cost of a granite slab is anywhere from $10 to $60 per square foot.

Square Footage: This determines the amount of granite you need to buy. For an average kitchen, you normally need to cover around 45 square feet, with extra for any islands.

Labor: Granite countertops require professional installation and is based on a square foot calculation.

Edging: Your new countertops will also need an edge profile. While standard edge profiles sometimes come with the cost of installation, premium options like Ogee edging will cost extra.

Total Cost

Once you include everything, granite countertops cost a reasonable amount for such a significant home improvement. For an average-sized kitchen with a typical amount of counter space, the total for new granite countertops falls between $2,000 and $4,000.

At Wholesale Granite Direct, we offer wholesale prices directly to our customers. To learn more specifics on how much granite countertops cost in Arlington, TX, give our team a call at 817-962-2616.