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Marble Countertops in DFW

Marble countertops are beautiful and exude luxury. Marble is a natural stone that is metamorphic or sedimentary. Marble has a smooth surface that is striated with veins of minerals. It’s a very popular choice for countertops, and for good reason. There are many benefits to choosing marble, including the availability of various colors and styles, the fact that it can be customized to any size or shape, and because it’s very durable and heat-resistant. 

There are pros and cons to any natural stone countertop. If you are interested in learning more about the different types of natural stone countertops and would like help in figuring out what would be the best fit for your home, talk to our team at Wholesale Granite Direct.

Marble Vs.Granite Countertops

Marble and granite are two of the most popular choices when it comes to natural stone countertops.  There are similarities and differences to these two countertops. When considering them for your own home, looks, functionality, and cost should all be considered. 

Generally, commercial marble comes in variations of white and black. This gives an elegant, sophisticated look. Granite, however, can come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. This is because it’s packed with all sorts of substances, such as feldspar, silica, mica, and quartz. There can be light to dark colors with lots of variation. 

In terms of durability, both of these types of stone are super strong and nearly indestructible. However, both need to be sealed at least annually. Depending on the specific slab you get, you will want to ask about how often you should seal it. This goes for both granite and marble. Both types of stone are resistant to heat, but you should still be careful about setting hot pans directly on them. Lastly, since granite is a harder stone than marble, it’s tougher to chip or scratch it. Also, granite is less likely to stain than marble. 

Cost is another factor to consider when comparing these two stones. Neither are cheap, but granite is usually less expensive than marble. Expect granite to start at about $75 per square foot installed and go to more than $100 per square foot for some slabs. Marble will start at around $100 per square foot installed and go to over $200. Keep in mind that prices are constantly fluctuating, so these prices are always changing. Make sure to give us a call or drop by our location for a real estimate.

Quality Marble Countertop Installation

If you choose to go with marble countertops, our experienced team can install them for you. The process for installing granite and marble countertops is the same. First, we make a template so that we have the exact dimensions and design of your kitchen. That is then transferred to a slab. After that, the slab is cut to fit and finished with the edge of your choice.

On installation day, the slab is set into place. This can be done directly onto your cabinets or on a plywood substrate. The countertops are then secured with silicon adhesive. In addition, holes for sinks and faucets are cut. This is all precise work and should be handled by a professional. Once the countertops are installed, they need to be sealed before use.

Marble Countertop Care

Caring for marble countertops takes a little more work than granite countertops. Anyone who has a natural stone countertop needs to be vigilant to keep their countertops looking great. As mentioned before, marble countertops need to be thoroughly protected with a sealant that is specifically designed for porous surfaces at least once a year. Some marble countertops may need to be sealed more often, so be sure to get clarification. Sealing helps liquids to bead up instead of soaking in the countertop.

Marble is naturally prone to staining. Regular sealing will help keep staining at bay, but it’s very important to wipe up spills right away. Liquids that are acidic, such as tomato sauce and citrus juices, can be particularly detrimental to marble and etch into the stone. 

Marble Countertops With Wholesale Granite Direct

Wholesale Granite Direct has a huge showroom with many choices for marble countertops. If you would like to learn more about this material and how it compares to other options, talk with our expert team. We are always happy to answer questions. We can help you visualize your kitchen with a variety of countertops and we also have an expert team ready to install your project. We will take care of everything.

Our company is family-owned and operated and has been in this industry for more than 20 years. We are the largest retail slab yard in the whole DFW area. We are committed to excellent customer service and communication.

If you would like to learn more about marble countertops and would like to see some in person, come to our showroom today. Also, feel free to contact us with questions by phone or through our website.

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