Granite & Quartz Countertops in Southlake, TX

Granite countertops present an exceptional way to improve the design of your kitchen and value of your residence. Whatever your aesthetic preferences, Wholesale Granite Direct stands as your top provider for a variety of granite countertops. Granite is an all-natural product, dissimilar to other countertop options such as laminate, tile, or quartz. This means that granite countertops consistently are a completely singular product.

Aesthetics aside, granite stands as a very attractive choice for countertops. If adequately maintained, your granite countertop can endure for decades. Though porous and vulnerable to staining, granite can benefit from applying a sealant. An incredible variety of colors, styles, and price points exist across more than 100 kinds of granite. Need assistance choosing? You should contact our crew at 817-962-2616. For economical, attractive granite countertops in Southlake, TX, choose the experts at Wholesale Granite Direct.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops

Granite and Quartz Also Work Wonders When Installed in a Bathroom.

Though the substance undergoes a manufacturing procedure, quartz typically represents a natural stone for the function of countertops. Considering their similar price points, buyers commonly wonder about the differences between granite and quartz counters. When compared to granite, quartz is not porous and has slightly better durability. When you consider both, quartz’s dearth of porousness makes it a improved choice for bathrooms. Because it undergoes a man-made procedure, quartz is additionally available in a varied assortment of styles and colors.


Quartz and Granite Showroom & Warehouse

Many options exist between quartz and granite countertops. At Wholesale Granite Direct, our professional staff can help you find your way in this sea of picks to locate the ideal countertops for your residence. You can additionally employ our Kitchen, Granite, and Bathroom Visualizer to get a start in the selection procedure. If you want to shop selections firsthand, you can always visit our warehouse and showroom. For excellent selection and prices on granite and quartz countertops in Southlake, TX, choose Wholesale Granite Direct.

  • Granite Countertop As a wholly natural item, granite permits for a truly singular statement of style.
  • Quartz Countertop Though not completely natural, quartz is non-porous and is somewhat more durable than granite.

Additional Stone Countertops

We have a large variety of natural countertops in addition to quartz and granite. Marble supplies a timeless sophistication, whereas soapstone and slate both stand as popular choices. If you need something really special, we also provide an uncommon and superb assortment of options among our specialty stone countertops. Our Euro style counters provide one more way for you to have your kitchen stand out.

  • Natural Stone Our selection of natural stone involves everything from marble to soapstone.
  • Specialty Stone These include special and unusual cuts and varieties of quartz or granite, in addition to other exotic stones.
  • Euro Style Another name for waterfall countertops, these permit you to definitely draw attention to your stone choice.


Quartz & Granite Installation & Sales

When most people consider natural stone in the house, they think only of granite and quartz countertops. At Wholesale Granite Direct, we actually supply a selection of installation work. Whatever the particular room, we will install natural stone elements around the residence. Kitchens improve a great deal from backsplashes, and natural stone showers make every bathroom look luxurious. As for other places within the home, we supply granite remnants perfect for use with accent pieces.

  • Backsplashes You can select from an extensive array of materials when you wish for a backsplash as the ideal finishing touch for a room.
  • Showers Our remodeling offerings can perform miracles to a shower.
  • Sinks Our variety of sinks includes everything from stone to steel.
  • Remnants If you want an eye-catching coffee table or end table, come see our selection of granite remnants.

Edge Profiles

Edge Profiles

In the absence of an edge profile, you can’t consider granite or quartz countertops finished. Distinct edge profiles appear better with different types of granite or quartz, and our professional staff stands prepared to assist you with the decision. Our assortment of edge profiles includes both upgraded and no-charge choices, so you can pick the right one for your budget and home.

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