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Granite Countertop

If Properly Cared For, Granite Countertops Can Last for a Lifetime.

With its unique beauty and countless options, granite is one of the most popular countertop materials. Whether you want something classy and polished or rustic and rough-edged, Wholesale Granite Direct has the perfect granite for any home. Come by our showroom today! For the best service with a granite countertop in Arlington, TX call 817-962-2616.

What’s Great About a Granite Countertop?

Granite Countertop

As Natural Products, All Granite Countertops Are Truly One of a Kind.

Unlike engineered stone, laminate, and tile countertop materials, granite is 100 percent natural stone. Enormous blocks of granite are cut into slabs at a quarry, then polished on one side and shipped to the dealer or fabricator. Each slab is completely unique, so the one you view in the showroom may not be identical to the piece installed in your home. Different slabs may have different veins or clusters of color. This one-of-a-kind feature is one of the many reasons why granite is prized among homeowners and builders.

In addition to its beauty, granite is extremely durable. When properly cared for, granite will last for decades. Some laminate and tile surfaces are susceptible to water damage, cracks, peeling, and other problems. Granite does have some potential downsides compared to other stone like quartz, though. Because it is natural, it is porous and can stain and harbor bacteria if not sealed every year. Though it is quite hard, granite can also crack if abused.

Endless Options

There are more than 100 types of granite, with differing colors, patterns, and more. You may be familiar with the classic gray, pink, black, and white speckles of New Caledonia granite. With everything from striking Absolute Black to the mesmerizing swirls of Typhoon Bordeaux, your perfect granite countertops are waiting. If you need help choosing a color, use our Granite Visualizer to mix and match different stone with cabinets, flooring, and backsplash options. Also, don’t forget about choosing your granite edge profile!

If you’re interested in a granite countertop in Arlington, TX, visit Wholesale Granite Direct for premium selections at wholesale prices. Check out our Inventory or call 817-962-2616 to talk to one of our design and installation professionals today!

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