Straight Edge Countertop in Arlington and Granbury, TX

Straight Edge Countertop

Straight Edge Countertops Provide Clean, Sleek Lines for a Modern Home.

A straight edge countertop is also known as an eased edge countertop because the edges are not perfectly straight. The very slight rounding helps prevent sharp edges, which can hurt you and are easier to damage. Unless you look very closely, the edges look straight and squared off. Whole Granite Direct represents your expert choice for this variety of granite countertop, and we can perform exceptional fabrication and installation services.

For a clean, contemporary look, you might enjoy granite countertops with a straight edge profile. Common on woodblock and stainless steel countertops, straight edge granite installation is a growing trend in kitchen and home design. For a straight edge countertop in Arlington, TX call the professionals at Wholesale Granite Direct at 817-962-2616.

Clean Lines For A Modern Look

Straight Edge Countertop

Straight Edges Work Well in Conjunction with Laminate Edges on Countertops.

Eased edge or straight edge profiles can add a modern aesthetic to your kitchen or bathroom. With their clean lines and simple design, straight edge granite countertops work well in almost any kitchen. Many homeowners use a combination of straight edge countertops with a more dramatic or ornate bar or island. However, these countertops work anywhere and won’t overwhelm a room. If you do want to make a statement, consider a laminate edge for a boost.

Mid-century and minimalist design is on-trend right now, and straight edge granite countertops work perfectly in this style. They are also popular in traditional and modern homes. White and black granite, marble, and quartz look great with a straight edge profile. If you opt for a waterfall or Euro-style countertop, you will have straight edges. Feel free to contact our experts to learn more!

Your Source for a Straight Edge Countertop!

If you’re set on straight edge granite installation, come pick out your stone! Conveniently located, we are proud to serve the entire DFW Metroplex. At Wholesale Granite Direct, we offer a large selection of natural stone, quartz, and granite, all at wholesale prices. One of our design and installations experts can help you find the perfect stone for your budget, needs, and style.

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