Full Bullnose Edge Profile in Arlington and Granbury, TX

Full Bullnose Edge

A Full Bullnose Edge Works Well on Kitchen Islands and Bars.

A full bullnose edge is rounded on the top and bottom, whereas the demi bullnose is only rounded on the top. It adds an extra touch of elegance, while remaining simple and unassuming. If you think the demi bullnose is too plain for your taste, the full bullnose might be a good option. Wholesale Granite Direct represents your premium choice for both the purchase, fabrication, and installation of full bullnose granite edge countertops.

The full bullnose granite edge profile is versatile, clean, and sophisticated. If that sounds like you, call one of the design experts at Wholesale Granite Direct today! We serve the entire DFW area and are conveniently located in Arlington, TX. If you need fabrication of a full bullnose edge in Arlington, TX, call 817-962-2616.

Classic Curves and Full Bullnose Edge

Full Bullnose Edge

A Full Bullnose Edge Will Emphasize the Positives of Bold Granite.

The full bullnose granite edge profile is simple enough to not stand out, yet sophisticated enough to add some style. It can work especially well in traditional and Old World-style kitchens and bathrooms. The full bullnose edge is popular on kitchen islands and bars.

It also helps to soften a space with strong angles. You can play off the curves of your granite or stone countertops with your decor. Depending on the stone you choose, a full bullnose edge can provide a greater sense of movement in your space. With strongly veined marble and granite, this edge can really highlight the stone without drawing too much attention. Similar to the demi-bullnose edge, this is a great option for those who don’t want something too flashy or modern.

DFW’s Granite Fabrication Experts!

The smooth curve of a full bullnose granite edge requires skilled fabricators and quality machinery. Come to Wholesale Granite Direct, where we help save you money with premium granite at wholesale prices. Plus, we don’t charge extra for a full bullnose granite edge installation! Talk to one of our installation experts to see if we can cut the stone you want with a full bullnose edge.

For top quality craftsmanship and installation of countertops with a full bullnose edge in Arlington, TX, call 817-962-2616 today!

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