Signs You Should Replace Your Shower Stone

Shower Stone Wholesale Granite Direct

A Shower Stone Install or Repair Restores Your Shower And Prevents Further Damage!

Natural stone showers give every bathroom a classic, modern look, and are one of the most sought-after tile materials. However, with every new shower installation, the risks of leaks and damages can happen without regular cleaning and maintenance once you notice chipping or other damages to your shower stone.

There are a few things to look for if you’ve had your shower stone in place for a while, and could do with a repair or restoration to keep it lasting longer:

  • Slippery than normal surface, or moisture not disappearing as quickly
  • Any cracks between the stone tiles (or any cracks at all)
  • Chipped pieces or any parts of the tile missing

All these, plus anything else you may notice with your stone shower, are not to be overlooked – over time, more problems such as leaks or damaged plumbing can happen if your shower stone is not serviced and repaired quickly and professionally.

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