Four Benefits of Granite Countertops

Granite Countertop Installation

Granite countertops add a touch of elegance to any space.

Granite countertops represent one of the most sought-after additions to any home kitchen. The elegance of granite, combined with its huge variation of colors, adds a sophisticated touch to any cooking space. From small apartment cubbies, to the largest of residential kitchens, a granite countertop installation looks good in practically any setting.

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, granite countertops come with many added practical benefits. If you need just a little more convincing before you take the plunge on granite countertop installation, consider these pieces of additional functionality.


No one wants to invest in countertops simply to need to replace them a few years down the road. Aside from granite’s timeless beauty, the stone’s inherent durability makes for countertops that can go the long haul. A very dense stone, granite even resists scratches and surface nicks. The sealant used to finish your countertops allows them to resist stains as well, and maintain their gloss for years to come.

Bacteria Resistant

The sealed surface of granite countertops is not porous, and thus resists the encroachment of bacteria and dirt. Harmful substances simply have nowhere to go in granite, and the lack of porousness makes cleanup a breeze for spills.

Easy Repair

In the odd scenario that you manage to damage your countertops, granite is surprisingly easy to repair. A unique putty, dyed to resemble the original granite, can fill in any chips or cracks. A new coat of sealant renders the job complete.

Cooking Aid

Once you’ve gotten them installed, you can count on the absolute flatness of granite countertops. This makes rolling out dough for cookies or pastries a breeze. To save yourself the health hazard of porous cutting boards, you can even use a granite countertop as a cutting surface.

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