Tips for Choosing a Granite Countertop Edge Profile

Tips for Choosing a Granite Countertop Edge Profile

Granite countertops are the standard in modern kitchens for a reason. Granite is both tough and beautiful. It completes your kitchen and is made to last for a very long time. Granite is as much an investment as it is a decorating choice. So, when you’re looking at granite countertops, you want to understand every component of your choice. This includes color, grain, finish, and the edge profile. If you’re not sure what you’re getting into, a little crash course on edge profiles will catch you up quickly. You can make sure every aspect of your granite is exactly what you want. Considering how long your granite countertop can last, it’s important that you are happy with your decision.

Learn the Edges

The first step for choosing your edge profile is understanding your options. Let’s go over the most common edge profiles and what makes them popular. 

Flat Polish

Flat Polish is the most modern or contemporary look. If you have a modern kitchen, this is a great pick. The top of the slab meets the side edge at a 90-degree angle, so the vertical side is straight. It’s simple, clean, and it looks great.


The Beveled edge is a classic choice. The top meets the vertical edge at a 45-degree slope. Much of the vertical side is still visible, but the cut adds detail. The bevel can be customized to other angles, but the idea is to have additional surface area on an angle that will reflect light. Incorporating a bevel adds a dimension to the aesthetic. It helps you see more color and polish in the profile.

Additionally, you can get specialty bevels, including the Double Bevel. In a Double Bevel, the second angle starts at the bottom of the slab and meets the vertical side at a 45-degree angle, mirroring the top bevel. 


The Bullnose edge features a rounded side. There is no straight vertical side. Bullnose edges are one of the most traditional designs, and they come in half or full. A Half Bullnose is a semicircle edge. The slab’s bottom is flat, and the curve starts at the top and meets the bottom edge. This creates a full look and makes the entire slab look thicker. With a Full Bullnose, the bottom edge is curved as well. This rounded edge makes the granite appear thinner.

Quarter Round

A Quarter Round features a smaller curved edge on the top and straight on the side. This curve is smaller and more subtle than a Bullnose curve. There are variants on the Quarter Round, with the most common being a Double-Quarter Round. In the double design, the bottom edge curves up to the straight side. This is another way to make the granite look thinner.

Specialty Edges

There are countless ways to style the edge profile of granite. In addition to the traditional styles mentioned above, a couple of specialty edges are popular enough to warrant a mention. The Triple Edge is a design that features three rounded curves in a stairstep down to the base of the slab. A Rock Face has a rough edge that makes the stone look natural. Other custom edges can add pleasing elements to the aesthetic, but specialty edges usually raise the price of the granite.

Match Your Kitchen

Now that you know more about the standard styles, you can think about how they might go with your kitchen. Do you have a rustic kitchen? Is it super modern? Is it built with symmetric straight lines, or is it curved in nature? Each edge profile is built around a style. You want to match that style to the design of your kitchen. Use straight edges with straight lines in the kitchen. Match curves to curves. You get the idea.

Compare Prices

The good news is that granite is going to look fabulous no matter what edge profile you choose. Whether you go with something simple or something more elaborate, you’re going to have gorgeous granite. If the price is a significant factor, you can choose one of the more basic edge profiles. Saving money is not going to make your kitchen look bad.Knowing the names and descriptions of common edge profiles is helpful, but ultimately, you need to see the granite in person to make a proper selection. Wholesale Granite Direct is the number one choice for your granite needs in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Visit our showroom or contact our team online. We have displays of everything so that you can take a careful look at all of your options. When you’re ready, you can choose your granite, and we’ll get it installed.