Maintaining Your Granite Countertops

If you have ever considered getting granite countertops, you have probably gotten at least some unsolicited advice. In fact, you may have heard a horror story or two. Granite countertops are beautiful and durable. Of course, some people don’t like the fact that, to make them last, your countertops still need some simple care.

Basic Granite Care

Cleaning Granite Countertop

Maintaining Your Granite Countertops

Like any other countertops, granite needs some maintenance to help it last and maintain its beauty. It is really just about avoiding bad habits. Always clean up spills as soon as possible. Use coasters, put pads under your hot pans, and use cutting boards. Granite is strong and can handle a lot, but it will perform much better if you take basic precautions. A very, very hot pan, for example, hitting cold granite might, on a very rare occasion, cause a thermal shock crack. That’s why you should always put a pad under the pan.

When you clean your granite, use gentle, natural cleaners. Most of the time, warm water will do. When you need some sanitizer, use granite cleaner. Even a gentle dish soap can leave residue. Your granite doesn’t need much to be clean, particularly when you clean up spills quickly.

Your granite has a seal to help protect it. It’s a good idea to make sure that the seal is holding. Just put a few drops on water on the granite every few months. If it beads up, your seal should be working. If the granite soaks it up, then you might need to re-seal.

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