The Importance Of A Counter-top Backsplash

Are you considering a remodel for your kitchen or bathroom at home? If so, you already know that the right counter tops can make or break your design. Today we will go over the various ways that a counter-top backsplash is essential for your next remodel.



The Right Backsplash Can Really Make a Room Stand Out!

First and foremost, a tile or stone backsplash acts as a protective covering on your wall from water and food splashes. These are particularly useful around sinks and stoves. Even painted, your drywall isn’t mean to be subjected to moisture. Even steam front he stove can damage your wall over time. However, stone and tile backsplashes are capable of withstanding moisture, and provide easy clean up!


Another great reason to install a backsplash is that they look fantastic. If you want your remodel to wow your visitors, a classy and stylish backsplash will certainly stand out. There are many different options to choose from. You can have your backsplash compliment the counter-tops, or choose a striking design to really stand out!


Finally, because stone and tile backsplashes are waterproof and non-absorbent, they can be fully cleaned.Any splashes on a regular wall can never be fully cleaned, which can lead to the spread of bacteria, or lasting odors. With a hardy backsplash, however, you can fully clean and disinfect your food prep areas, and your bathroom counters with ease.

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