Is it Time to Replace Your Kitchen Countertops?

Are you ready for a new look for your kitchen or wondering whether the countertops need to be replaced? Here are a few things to consider if you want to take the plunge into removing and installing new countertops in your kitchen.

Granite Kitchen

Is it time to replace them? 

In some cases, you’ll want to change the countertops simply to update your kitchen to a more modern look. However, if your countertops are old, damaged, or difficult to maintain, replacing them will not only improve the look of your kitchen but simplify the amount of work they require.

What should you replace them with?

There are many countertop materials for you to choose from and some will be better suited to you based on your typical work habits in the kitchen. We’ve listed popular countertop materials based on the varying degree of maintenance they require:

  • Little to no maintenance – stainless steel, quartz, and laminate
  • Minimal maintenance – granite, marble, and concrete
  • Frequent maintenance – soapstone and wood

Talk to your countertop installer to determine which materials are right for your home. Planning is the most important aspect of making changes to your kitchen. Sketch out the layout of your kitchen and measure the length and depth of each section of countertop you are wanting to replace. Understanding the size of your kitchen and the exact measurements of the countertop space will give you an idea of how much material you will need and which materials will fit best within your budget.

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