Choosing the Best Backsplash

64698827 - light wood cabinets with multicolored backsplash and modern stainless steel appliances. northwest, usa The backsplash in your kitchen is normally the last piece of the puzzle. But it’s that last little oomph that brings the entire look together, kind of like jewelry with an outfit. It may seem minuscule, but the wrong backsplash can be a complete disaster, and no one has that kind of money to waste. But we, the experts at Wholesale Granite Direct, are here withs n how to choose the best backsplash.

  1. Take a look at the counter: The more busy your countertop is, the less busy the backsplash should be. Two patterns, especially that close to each other, will undoubtedly clash with each other. But in contrary, a heavily patterned backsplash can do wonders for a more plain countertop. Also use the color palette of the countertop as a guide in choosing a complementing color for the backsplash.
  2. Think about the kitchen style and theme: The backsplash tile should match the design of the kitchen. If your home and kitchen has some type of period style, it should be reflected in the backsplash as well. For instance, for a Victorian style home, use hand painted tiles or for a more contemporary kitchen, be sure to choose a modern style tile with clean cut edges.
  3. Consider where you want to put it: Backsplash can actually go in two areas of the kitchen. You can either focus on specific areas like behind the stovetop, bar, sink, etc. You also have the option to run it around the entire kitchen, along the countertops. You can tile whichever area you desire, but it’s recommended to use different tile to create key points throughout your kitchen.

So if you need help choosing the best backsplash for your kitchen in Arlington, TX, call 817-962-2616 to speak with our pros. Wholesale Granite Direct is here to help!