Granite Countertop Care Tips

There are many myths and misunderstandings about cleaning granite and natural stone countertops. To keep your beautiful stone countertops in great condition, follow these tips for natural stone and granite countertop care and cleaning.

granite countertop care

Sealing Granite And Natural Stone

Most people have heard that granite and other natural stone countertops absolutely require sealing while quartz does not. This is mostly true, but not in all situations. Each granite is different, and some are actually too dense to absorb sealant. Other granites need resealing every one to three years. Talk to the dealer to learn more about specific types of granite and if they need sealing.

To determine if you should seal your countertops, simply drop a bit of lemon juice on a sample of the stone you’re interested in. If it absorbs immediately, the stone will stain and etch easily. If it takes a few minutes to absorb, you will need to seal the stone but if it take a very long time to absorb, you will likely not need to seal the stone.

Prevent Stains and Etching

Some natural stone is much more susceptible to staining and etching, particularly marble and certain white-colored granites. Etching is when the acid in a substance eats away at the calcium carbonate in your stone. This is common with marble and travertine, which is why they are generally not recommended for kitchen countertops. Etching will leaving rings and dull marks on your countertop, so mopping up spills is critical for countertop care.

How To Clean Granite And Stone

You should never use traditional cleaning products, even vinegar and ammonia, on granite and natural stone countertops. The harsh nature of these products can quickly wear away sealant, stain natural stone, and even etch the surface. When your countertops need cleaning, use a special granite or natural stone cleaner. You can also use hot water for simple cleanup. Use a soft sponge or cloth when wiping; do not use anything abrasive or you could etch and damage the stone.

If you have questions about natural stone or granite countertop care, talk to the experts at Wholesale Granite Direct! If you’re looking into upgrading your countertops, give us a call for granite countertop installation in Arlington, TX at 817-962-2616.