How to Save Money on Granite Countertops

How to Save Money on Granite Countertops

At Wholesale Granite Direct, we love granite.

It’s an absolutely beautiful material that comes directly from Mother Earth, so it’s natural, and it is available in a variety of one-of-a-kind colors and designs. Granite is extremely tough, holds up well in high-use areas, is resistant to nicks/dents/cracks, and allows for easy cleaning because of its smooth surface.

Many homeowners praise granite for being one of the longest-lasting investments in a space, and when taken care of through regular resealing, granite can easily outlast the life cycle of a home.

It’s no wonder why granite is one of the most popular materials for bathrooms and kitchen counters. Granite has long been a homeowner’s preference for renovations, upgrades, and new builds, but with any high-quality product, price is always at the forefront of a project.

So how can you save money on granite countertops? There are a few tips and tricks of the trade to help homeowners get the granite countertops they want while also being budget-conscious.

Money-Saving Tips & Tricks

With any home renovation or upgrade, project materials can be a major expense, but there is a vision for what an owner wants a space to look like, feel like, and function like. We want that vision to become a reality for homeowners, so when it comes to granite, you can get one of the best counter materials out there and also save money.

Below are our top tips and tricks for saving money on granite:

  • Be on the lookout for discontinued or end-of-the-season designs or options.
  • If your project has a more flexible time limit, watch out for holiday promotions or featured sales.
  • Ask about special financing options and understand options for spreading the cost out over time. A popular option is 12 months of financing support, and there is usually a minimum purchase amount required (it’s typically over $2,000+, but does allow for more flexibility in spending).
  • Choose a more widely available color and design, as the unique ones tend to have a higher price tag. More affordable colors might be black or gray since that color of granite simply occurs more often in nature. This is also called “common stone.” Rare colors and patterns will be more expensive and are usually labeled “exotic.”
  • Understand how thick the slab of granite is and whether there are any options to have a thinner cut. The caveat here is that the thicker the slab, the heavier and stronger the slab, so a thinner slab might not hold up as long. This is something to discuss with your contractor and to think about depending on where the granite countertop will be installed.
  • Look for bundled deals to save money on installation.
  • If you have a smaller counter space or multiple counters you want covered in granite, ask around about remnant options. Remnants are pieces of slabs that were cut off from other projects. They are smaller than a standard slab because part of it has already been used, but for a smaller space, they might fit just fine. Odds are, you might even be able to find multiple remnants of the same color and design. If you’re up for being creative though, mixing and matching remnants in a space can also be a fun design feature to a kitchen or bathroom. An example of where a remnant mix and match might look really nice is on a floating island with a color/design that complements the rest of the kitchen counters.
  • When you are designing a space or looking to renovate a space, pay attention to where holes are needed for things like a sink or faucet. With granite, these holes are called cutouts, and they have to be measured and custom cut for a project. The fewer cutouts, the less expensive because each cutout is special for your counter and cannot be undone.
  • As part of the design phase, understand the cost of different edging options.
  • Ask about imported vs. locally harvested options. Imported granite comes from quarries outside of the United States of America and transit costs have to be included in the price.
  • And last but definitely not least is to work with a wholesaler, like us. Wholesalers work directly with the manufacturers, so the price is already at a lower rate because you do not need to pay for a middle-man situation.

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