Three Granite Countertop Tips

granite countertop tips

Granite represents a long-term investment. Make the right choice!

Despite a host of other alternatives now available, homeowners still see the long-term appeal of granite countertops. Concrete, stainless steel, quartz, wood, and marble all represent viable alternatives. However, nothing tops granite in terms of pure luxury and ‘wow’ factor. Of course, you can’t simply pick out granite countertops as you would a new rug. The process requires plenty of thought, as well as awareness of your long-term intentions for the home. To achieve ideal countertops in your kitchen, follow these three granite countertop tips.

Choose a Slab

When you purchase granite countertops, you buy an entire slab of rock. Because of this, you want to consider whole slabs when you make your purchase, not just samples. The appeal of granite comes from how colors and patterns shift across the surface of a slab. Unless you see what you will actually get, you’re basically taking a shot in the dark. 

Inquire About Thickness

Slabs get cut at different thicknesses. The thicker the slab, the more expensive your investment. If you have no preference, make sure that the slab you have interest in was sliced fairly thin. If you want a thick slab, make sure that your cabinets can support the weight.

Ask for Few Seams

Generally speaking, fewer seams results in a more polished, luxurious look for your kitchen. Make sure to ask your contractor whether they can accomplish your kitchen with few or no seams. You can always save money through the use of granite tiles, though this does little to improve the value of your home.

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