What to Expect – Granite Countertop Installation

What to Expect - Granite Countertop Installation

You’ve ordered brand new granite countertops – so exciting! They’re going to look great in your kitchen. They’re also going to improve your quality of life. Granite is strong and low maintenance. It makes a great surface for all kinds of kitchen work. While you’re waiting for delivery and installation, you might have some questions. This little guide will map your expectations so that you’ll be ready.

Things to Consider

Before the granite ever makes it to your house, there are some things you want to consider. The following advice can help you prepare for the installation before it starts. 

Granite Is Heavy

There’s a difference between knowing academically that stone is heavy and properly planning for the sheer mass. Especially important to consider is how difficult it is to move the stone. Keep that in the back of your head as you read.

Preparing Your Home

The most important bit of preparation is to have a clear path to the kitchen. Think about how large your countertop is. Make sure there’s a door it can come through. Considering that, what’s the best path to the kitchen? Clear that path, so it’s not a hazard when the heavy stone arrives. While you’re at it, make sure young kids and pets will stay clear too.

This is also where you consider your installation agreement. Are the installers removing the old countertops, or did you assume that responsibility? Are the cabinets level? They will need to be for the installation.

There Will Be Dust

It’s common to need to make adjustments to the stone on site. In many cases, the final cuts won’t be done until the stone is at your house. This is because uncut granite is safer to transport. 

Ultimately, this all means that there will be stone dust. Covering furniture, putting away food, and dust-proofing the house in general will make this a more pleasant experience for you.

Approval Has to be Immediate

The installers will do a professional job and ensure that everything is up to code, but they need someone to sign off on the work before they can leave. That means they need the homeowner or an empowered contractor to be present to check the work and sign the papers. It’s not an involved thing, but it does impact scheduling. When you plan the installation, make sure the appropriate person(s) can be there too.

The Installation Process

We’ve covered how you can prepare before the granite arrives. This next section will walk you through the installation process so you know what to expect from your granite crew. While installing granite does take know-how and can require up to a few hours, it’s not an overly complicated or involved process.

Checking Level

This was mentioned briefly above. One of the first things the installation crew will do is make sure the cabinets are level. If the stone rests on an unlevel surface, it can be damaged. That’s why this step happens before the rest of the work.

Laying the Granite

Once they know the cabinets are level, the crew will start installing the granite. Depending on the design, this could involve any number of pieces of stone. The installers will go through the job one piece at a time. The granite will be laid down and secured. Pieces that need to be joined will have the seams attached and sealed.

Making Adjustments

If any cutting has to be done on site, it will be done as each piece is installed. As the crew comes to a piece that needs cutting, they’ll do the work then. It’s not uncommon to have to make minor adjustments to account for curves in the wall. This is also when the sink or other fixtures are installed.


If a backsplash is part of the deal, it will be installed after the counters are in place and sealed. If you have a separate plan for backsplash, then you can skip this step for now.

Finishing Touches

The installers will go over everything to ensure a quality job has been completed. They will also clean up after the work they did. This is where they’ll ask for final approval. Assuming you’re satisfied, you can sign off on the work, and you’re done. Congratulations! You have brand-new granite countertops. That covers the basics, but if you have more questions, you can always contact us directly at Wholesale Granite Direct. We’ll be happy to tell you what you need to know for a smooth and enjoyable installation process.