What Are the Benefits of Granite Counters?

Praised for being a super durable stone, granite has been popular in homes for decades. Tough yet beautiful, it is a great addition to any home. Here are some benefits of what granite counters can bring to your home:


Benefits of Granite Counters

Granite Counters Give Your Home A Boost of Curb Appeal

Granite will never lose its color, and the stone will never warp or melt under extreme heat like other materials will. Be warned that granite is extremely heavy, so make sure that if you are getting it as backsplash or as a countertop, that the supporting foundation can handle the weight.


Since it is natural stone, every slab of granite is unique and different, but still providing a cohesive look. If you want a completely uniform look, granite is not recommended.

Easy to Clean

Since granite counters have a sealant on top to protect the stone the surface is very smooth, making it easy to clean with some simple warm water and a cloth. Since they have the sealed top coat, this also helps to protect against mold, dirt, and bacteria from seeping into the granite like the germs could on other countertops like wood or linoleum.

Adds Curb Appeal

While expensive, granite is a one-time installation that requires little maintenance over its lifetime and will help to boost curb appeal. If you should ever tire of granite, the whole stone must be removed.

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