The Homeowner’s Guide To Granite Countertops

The Homeowner’s Guide To Granite Countertops

If there is one thing that makes a room stand out in a home, it is granite countertops. The natural beauty and idyllic wonder that comes with this amazing material makes any space just pop that much more. And let’s be honest, sometimes our homes are not the most exciting places in the world. A little pop goes a long way.

Granite countertops have long been a go-to way of revitalizing mundane rooms like bathrooms or kitchens both because of the look AND its long-lasting investment quality. New construction, renovation projects, and remodeling endeavors all have benefitted from granite for generations. But it is important to keep in mind that there is more to granite countertops than meets the eye.

Consider the following:

Not All Granite Is The Same

As one might imagine, there are major variations in granite depending on where it is sourced. If you’re hoping to match your new countertops to the surrounding décor, you’ll need to take into consideration how long that may take & whether that may bump up the cost.

One thing to know about granite is that it is a natural stone, which is also what causes the variation in color. Since it is essentially a ROCK, humans have no way of adjusting the variation of colors or patterns, like we can do with a manufactured stone such as quartz. Depending on where the granite is sourced from and how rare it is typically affects the prices.


Speaking of cost, it is important that homeowners not be hung up on the idea that granite is cost-prohibitive. Sure, you’re investing a bit up front, but what you’re buying will outlast the house itself. Working with a wholesaler means a more direct relations ship with manufacturers, leading to lower prices. Also, being flexible with designs & up for more creativity can net greater savings.


Much of the durability that comes with granite countertops is directly related to sealing. This usually comes with installation, but it is something that should be redone every few years. Resealing countertops has actually been found to be easy enough for the DIY crowd. Homeowners savvy enough to tackle the project themselves may find it quite rewarding to see their work pay off. However, it is always recommended that you contact a professional for a task that may be out of your wheelhouse.

Easy Maintenance

In general, cleaning granite countertops is as easy as using a bit of water and a microfiber rag. Sometimes, granite-specific cleaners/polishing are recommended. For the most part, if something spills, wipe it up ASAP. Most experts agree that while granite isn’t as porous as marble, you don’t want to let things sit too long for fear of staining.

Perhaps the best piece of advice homeowners should take to heart when it comes to granite countertops in Arlington & Granbury, TX is working with the RIGHT wholesaler. Here at Wholesale Granite Direct, we’ve served our customers for over twenty years with honesty, quality, and with one goal on mind — getting them exactly what they want from the start. Come see us today!