How Do Quartz Countertops Compare With Granite Countertops

How Do Quartz Countertops Compare With Granite Countertops

Truth be told, it may be fair to say that comparing quartz countertops with granite countertops may be an exercise in futility. At the end of the day, each material presents its own set of pros and cons, the likes of which will be slightly different for each individual client. That said, these two materials have been waging a supreme battle for home decoration supremacy for decades. Needless to say, finding a clear “winner” actually carries some pretty significant weight.

It is important to keep in mind that each of these materials are found in higher-end homes and commercial spaces, environments known for their looks. Decorative space trends are what have kept materials like granite and quartz ‘in’ since the 80s and 90s (in fact, quartz is a go-to material on HGTV and DIY Channels). However, in the last few years, much has changed when it comes to the modern construction best practices. Advances in available technology, changes in the contemporary modern home, and ever-evolving social constructs of the American family have made it to where what material countertops are made from makes a big difference.

Luckily, there are more practical ways of comparing quartz and granite countertops. For example:

Budget — Granite tends to be lower in price when compared to quartz. Even more money can be saved when working through a wholesaler. While installation of either of the materials should be left to the professionals, the final cost still ends up favoring granite.

Durability — The Mohs Hardness Scale is a basic tool used to help ID minerals and their resistance to scratching, on a scale of 1 (lowest/softest) to 10 (highest/hardest). Quartz is higher on the Mohs scale (7-7.5) than granite (6-7), which can be attractive for anyone who tends to be tough on their countertops. Quartz is also a great way to get a marble-like look without having ‘softness’ of a marble, usually noted to have a 3 on the Mohs scale.

Maintenance — Quartz is stain resistant and doesn’t require sealing like granite, though it should be noted that granite be resealed once a year.

At this point, it may seem that quartz seemingly has the upper hand in terms of material comparison. However, here is where things get a little interesting. Granite is a natural stone, one that develops mesmerizing patterns and color schemes over time. Quartz, on the other hand, is manufactured. While it is a beautiful material, some argue that it cannot quite capture the visual depth that granite can. However, quartz is great for those people who do not like too much movement or colors like you typically see in a natural stone.

Of course, the notion of a manufactured stone brings about questions regarding environmental stewardship. It’s no secret that this is a day and age where more attention is being paid to how much of an environmental impact every human activity is having. Modern construction best practices have taken to using alternative materials, as well as repurposing materials from other projects, in order to reduce their negative impact. Granite needs to be quarried and requires a lot of energy to ‘harvest’. It is also important to remember where the granite is being sourced from (e.g., Italy), the size of the stone needed, and how much it weighs, all of which impact the environment in terms of transit. Quartz, on the other hand, is a manufactured product that can be done regionally, which cuts down on transport impact. However, the manufacturing process can have its sustainability/environmental pitfalls according to some critics. In the end, given the premium product that emerges, the client will have to make the final call.

Even after all of this back and forth between quartz countertops and granite countertops, there still is one major question that remains unanswered — is either one of these choices right for you? This is where Wholesale Granite Direct in Arlington and Granbury, TX step into the mix. Tell us your budget, show us the spaces you’re looking to decorate, bring in sketches, and even check out samples at your leisure in YOUR OWN HOME! Your satisfaction is job #1 for us. Call us today!