Shower Design and Feature Ideas

Shower Design and Feature Ideas

Do you want a new shower? Whether you’re building a new house or just remodeling, a better shower can change your daily life. You want something that feels nice when you use it. We all want that.

So if you’re exploring shower ideas, then you might want to look for some design and feature ideas that really set yours apart and perfect the space. We have a handful to help get your creativity going.


Built-ins are not a new idea, but they are woefully missing from many bathrooms, modern and old. Especially if you’re renovating a shower, they can be a total game changer.

The idea is that built-ins can hold your soaps, shampoos, and anything else you need while you’re in the shower.

You can make them absolutely gorgeous by either matching the shower walls or contrasting them with a nice accent color.

With proper design planning, you can also put the built-ins where they won’t get flooded. This reduces problems with mold and soap scum, and it makes maintenance easier for the life of the shower.

Reduced Glass

That standard walk-in shower is walled with glass. This mostly helps with lighting. Whether you’re letting in natural light, or you’re just reducing any overhead lighting that is necessary inside of a steamy, closed shower, glass is important to the design.

It turns out that you don’t have to make the whole wall of glass. You can do a half-glass wall. This still lets in all of the light, but if you select a good shower wall material, the lower half can provide more color and style while reducing your overall maintenance.


Benches and shower chairs are so nice. Anyone who hasn’t tried one is missing out. They can make a shower more pleasant. They can make it easier to wash yourself. They’re quite accommodating.

When you make built-in benches or chairs, they’re also aesthetically pleasing. The bench can add another dimension to the shower’s design, giving you more freedom with how you utilize colors and textures.

A good bench can make your shower more enjoyable and prettier, and with a built-in bench, you’re not fighting against a mobile shower chair that gets in the way more often than not.

Stone Colors

There are a lot of white showers in the world. These days, you’ll also find white subway tiles everywhere.

Now, white is a classic color for a reason. It reflects a lot of light, and it looks good when it’s clean.

But you don’t have to conform to a white shower. Changing up the colors and textures can do a lot to make a shower feel more elegant and comfortable, and one amazing way to do that is with natural stone colors.

You have an endless variety, and you can use stone-colored tiles to get there. You can also use glazed natural stone for a high-end finish that looks amazing and lasts a lifetime.

Accent Walls

Who ever said that a shower has to be one pattern and color?

If you browse shower ideas, you’re going to see a lot of uniformity. It’s pretty standard.

You can break the mold and try something else. An accent wall looks great in a bedroom. Why wouldn’t it work in the shower?

As it turns out, an accent wall can do great in your shower. It can brighten or mute the space, depending on your preference. It increases color variety, and when you see examples of it done well, you’ll understand why it’s an emerging trend.

Relaxing Colors

The last design idea for a great shower is based solely on color. If you mix some blues in with the whites (or off-whites or grays) that are so common, you can create a different ambiance. The blue colors have a relaxing tonal effect. It makes your entire shower experience feel calm and pleasant.

The best part is that you can do this in a way that doesn’t make the shower oppressively dark. It can still be bright and inviting, even while the blue tones make it more relaxing.

Build Your New Shower With the Help of Wholesale Granite Direct

Whatever designs strike your fancy, you need raw materials to make a shower. For that, you can find it all at Wholesale Granite Direct. You can contact us today to explore ideas and find the perfect colors, textures, and design elements that you like the most.

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