The Growing Popularity of Quartz Countertops

Quartz CountertopsGranite has always been considered the consensus choice for countertops, but according to reports, quartz may have eclipsed it in terms of popularity. Wholesale Granite Direct provides quartz countertops to residents of Arlington, TX and DFW. If you are on the fence about this countertop, check out some of the advantages below:

Affordable Price

Though the price points for granite and quartz are very similar, quartz is considered the more durable material of the two. Not only is that good in the short-term, but it makes the investment more valuable over time since the material will presumably last longer. When you consider the cost of regular maintenance to granite, the long-term numbers should come out in favor of quartz.

Easier to Clean

Quartz countertops are made with engineered stone. This man made material makes up about 90% of the countertop with the other 10% being responsible for color, style, and decor considerations. Because of the material, they are easier to clean, and more effectively defend against bacteria traps. This feature is especially useful for families with children, as messes are made more regularly in those households.

Style Flexibility

We’ve noted that quartz is made up of engineered stone. The man-made nature of this countertop allows for a seemingly limitless amount of colors and styles. Granite is sometimes limited with colors because of the nature by which it is produced. With quartz, home decor enthusiasts can dream up all types of possibilities for their kitchen. Call 817-962-2616 for quartz countertops in Arlington, TX and Dallas / Fort Worth.