Granite vs Quartz Countertops

Granite vs Quartz Countertops

If you’re in the midst of a major kitchen remodeling job or building your home for the first time, you may be wondering what kitchen countertops to install. This is a very important decision since it would be terrible to later regret your choice. From pricing and style to functionality and color, there are many factors to consider.

In this blog, we’ll compare two different types of common countertops: granite and quartz. We’ll talk about pricing, style, durability, and what else you should consider as you’re trying to make this difficult decision. Here’s an in-depth comparison of granite vs quartz countertops:


When it comes to appearance, granite gives you many options. Since granite is formed by the cooling and solidifying of molten materials, there are many different colors and patterns to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for something basic or a little more detailed and complex, granite can provide you with tons of styles. No two granite countertops are ever the same!

However, quartz might steal the show when it comes to appearance. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why people choose quartz over granite. One of the reasons for this is that quartz is very customizable but still has a stone-like appearance. While you may have to hunt down the right piece to match your color scheme, quartz provides many options that look remarkable.

Environmental Impact

In the world we live in today, we always have to think about the environment when making choices. It’s smart to consider the production of materials, how they’re made, where they come from, and how (or if) they decompose over time. If granite is a top choice, then the only way it can be produced is if it’s quarried, which uses a lot of energy. And if you choose a high-end piece from another country, then the additional transportation causes extra environmental damage. For a more eco-friendly approach, use indigenous stone when possible or take a trip to salvage shops to find pieces to reuse.

Quartz tends to be great for the environmentally conscious given that it is engineered. One way to further reduce your environmental impact is to use regionally manufactured stone and local fabricators. Doing so is eco-friendly and cost-effective since it will drastically cut down the need for transportation.


When trying to choose between quartz and granite countertops, price is most likely a factor. According to, it’ll cost you around $2,000-$4,000 for both the purchase and installation of your new countertops. This will depend on the size you’re looking for, the type of stone you buy, transportation costs, and more. However, there are multiple ways to cut down on the costs. For one, you can purchase materials from a wholesaler and take care of some preliminary work yourself. But when it comes to the fabrication and installation, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

For quartz countertops, states that the average cost is between $1,500 and $5,500. Given the different styles out there, including the transportation options, this price varies greatly. In addition, some preliminary work can also be done beforehand, which could lower the costs. However, since quartz is very heavy, a professional installer is needed to ensure that the space for the countertops can withstand the weight.

Wear and Tear

Another factor you should think about involves durability. Since you’ll most likely spend a few thousand dollars on your new countertops, you don’t want them to break down in two years. That being said, you want your countertops to be built to withstand the elements and last for many years to come.

Granite is a very solid choice given its heat resistance and many other specifications. However, due to the porous nature of granite, staining might occur if spills aren’t cleaned quickly. A strong blow might also do some damage to granite.

When it comes to durability, quartz beats out granite. In fact, quartz is pretty much indestructible. Furthermore, quartz isn’t very porous, so it’s easier to keep these countertops clean, and stains aren’t as much of an issue. However, heat can damage quartz, so you’ll want to be careful with hot pans and other kitchen elements.

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