Stone Tile Shower Ideas (With Pictures)

Whether you are building new or remodeling, the shower is an area where you can explore a lot of creativity. A great shower is a haven. A bad shower is an eyesore. You want to have every resource available when you design your shower to create a bathroom that makes you happy and provides relief in your life. While you’re exploring those resources, you should seriously consider stone tile.

Color Contrast

Why would you choose stone tile over any other material for your shower and bathroom? There are a few reasons, but at the top of the list is beauty. Stone tile gives you the undeniable beauty of natural stone, but it’s in a form that is easier to install, costs less, and is easier to maintain. You’re getting the advantages of both stone and tile in the deal. When used correctly, stone tile will drop jaws. You’re about to see five commanding examples of that.

Color Contrast

One of the great strengths of stone tile is its ability to provide powerful color contrasts. You can opt for an opposing light and dark color scheme. You can also pair the stone tile with something truly different like natural wood. How would you get the aesthetics of both stone and wood into a bathroom without running into a maintenance nightmare? You can use faux wood, or you can plan around the wood with a little engineering. Wood accents can be kept free of running water and used to store towels under the sink or trim away from the shower. With a little creativity, there are endless options, and the contrast will always provide a genuine wow factor.

Pure Elegance Shower

Pure Elegance

Sometimes, the classic look is the most powerful statement. You can take full advantage of the stone tile to match and/or pair with your elegant marble. The concept is to have marble everywhere, and marble stone tile allows you to modify your design without having to purchase solid slabs for every wall, nook and cranny of the bathroom.

The aesthetic you’re getting will be uplifting and bright. It can make you feel energized just by entering the room. It’s a classy and classic look. It can bring metaphorical and literal light into the bathroom, and if it’s an aesthetic you like, there is no topping it.

Stylish Escape

Many people don’t think of their bathroom as an escape, but it’s possible to make your bathroom feel like a portal to an entirely different place.

Industrial Modern Shower

It’s still in your home with all of the convenience and accommodations, but it’s a transformative aesthetic that will dazzle guests and help you find a place to reset whenever you need it. It doesn’t take long for the magic to work. You can simply go and wash your hands, and it will be enough to get you out of your head and back into your day.

Industrial Modern

Perhaps you are familiar with the new industrial look. It’s been around for a few years, but it is really picking up steam. As an example, the living room might include an exposed steel beam. In the bathroom, the industrial aesthetic might include a stainless steel tub or a brick accent wall. It also includes stone tile.

The stone tile gives you a full range of colors, and all of them can match the strong, hard industrial look. If you like industrial modern but want some strong colors that aren’t chrome, stone tile can be the vehicle that delivers exactly what you’re after.

Artistic Display

Artistic Shower

Some people want to prioritize creativity and originality. They want a bathroom that is truly unique. Stone tile can help you craft such a bathroom. The stone can accent any number of color schemes. It can also provide physical textures and/or accent such textures. With so many creative opportunities, uniqueness becomes perfectly accessible.

When you want a bathroom that can genuinely express something inside of you, stone tile is going to be one of the essential supplies in your art closet. All of these examples are impressive, and they’re just here to get your creativity flowing. There are endless varieties, and when you let loose, you’ll be able to craft your own beautiful bathroom. Of course, that only happens when you know what is available. Browse the selection at Wholesale Granite Direct. You can see all of the stone tile colors and patterns, and that can help you down the road of crafting the perfect bathroom for your home.