How to Make Your Granite Countertop Shine

How to Make Your Granite Countertop Shine

Granite countertops are for the kitchen elite. No matter where the granite is located or the color of the stone, it always looks fantastic. And when you have amazing countertops, you want to keep them in top shape. Learn these tricks, and you can make sure their shine doesn’t dull over time. 

Clean the Stone

Beak down cleaning into three steps.

  1. Remove crumbs and dried-on gunk. You can use a dry sponge (or pretty much anything non-abrasive) to brush off loose debris. This includes food crumbs and the like. With that done, you want to scrub the granite. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners. Anything with a strong acid or base will damage the seal and eventually compromise the granite. Dish soap with warm water is gentle and will get the job done. Simply soap up your counters and wipe them off so that they are free of germs and crumbs.
  2. Attack the stubborn messes. For this one, you need to proceed with caution. For those caked-on residues that won’t budge, the best method for eliminating the substance is to use a razor blade. Keep the blade flat to the surface and work with a light touch so the granite won’t be scratched by the blade. You can work through pretty much anything that’s stuck. Once the granite is clear, you’re ready for part three.
  3. Sanitize the granite. You want a disinfectant, but as you already read, you don’t want  harsh chemicals. Acids and bases are out, and so are chlorine-based bleaches. Really, you have two good choices for a disinfectant. The first is isopropyl alcohol. It will do absolutely no harm to your counters, and it kills germs very well. You can also invest in a granite cleaning solution. They’re available at hardware stores and big-box stores. They disinfect the granite without causing harm. You simply wipe the surface with a cloth and the solution.

Polish Your Countertops

Clean countertops look good, but that won’t always be enough to keep them bright and shiny. Soap residue can build up (which is why granite cleaning solutions are so nice). In general, a counter can be clean without being beautiful. A little polish will change that.

At least once a month (more often is fine), you want to polish the granite. There are a couple of ways to go about this, and the first is with a granite polish product. They are available anywhere you can get granite cleaner. They help make the surface shine, and they give your granite a great look.

If you prefer the household item approach, cooking oils can do fine. You want to put a small amount of oil on a cloth and buff the counter (again, avoid abrasive scrubbers). You’ll see the difference. The polish will make the counters shine, and it will reinforce the seal to protect the stone.

Seal Your Granite

You know how to clean your countertops, and you know how to polish them to renew the shine. The last step is all about protecting the shine for the long term. That comes from maintaining a good seal.

It’s vital that you refresh the seal on the stone on a regular basis. For most counters, a seal should be applied every 6 to 12 months. This is a preventative measure that keeps the seal strong and healthy in order to protect the granite.

The best tool for the job is a dedicated granite sealer. Homemade remedies are less reliable, and the seal is what prevents the stone from taking damage from everyday kitchen work. To apply the seal, simply follow the directions on the label. In most cases, you’ll be spraying or brushing it onto the granite. You may need to buff the seal a bit to get an even spread.

If you stick to these three steps, your granite countertops will shine brilliantly, and they will last for a very long time.

Questions About Granite Countertops?

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