Should I Use Granite Backsplash?

A Modern Sink Design With Granite Backsplash

Choosing a Design That Fits You

For new and future homeowners, backsplashes serve as a protective barrier for the walls above your kitchen (sometimes bathrooms) countertops and beneath your cabinets. Picking out your design isn’t as final as choosing your residential roofing, but it is a key decision for the styling of your home. While homeowners have a wide variety of options available to choose from, granite backsplash designs enjoy a special reputation.

Today, we’re going to dive into material choice and installation for your kitchen backsplash! By the end, you should get a sense of which designs might work best for your home. Let’s jump right in.

Granite Backsplash or Tile?

While some homeowners may stomp their foot down and yell “It’s granite backsplash or no backsplash!” many enjoy the look and style flexibility of tile solutions. Tile is typically harder to maintain and takes longer to install. Grout lines, for instance, require consistent cleaning over the years to maintain their tidy appearance. However, tile comes in many alluring designs, making it an attractive option for some.

Granite enjoys many advantages over tile. On top of it’s easy to clean surfaces, granite does a fantastic job of resisting scrapes and dings. Below, we’ll dig into some of the other considerations to make with granite backsplashes.

Concerning Granite

Should You Have a Granite Backsplash?

As we’ve mentioned, a granite installation offers several advantages for homeowners, including an easy to clean surface. The naturalistic aesthetic also provides an enticing display for your kitchen that complements almost any design. The material will cost more, however, especially if you elect for a full-height installation.

Granite Backsplash Pros and Cons

  • Pro: The stone material is very easy to clean.
  • Pro: Natural stone offers a lovely surface for guests.
  • Pro: Granite backsplash lasts as long as granite countertops.
  • Pro: Granite’s neutral tones make it easy to pair with any design.
  • Con: Granite is a more expensive backsplash material than alternatives.


How Much Does Granite Backsplash Cost?

A quality granite backsplash is going to cost over a thousand dollars – unless you find discounted granite blocks with minor (though sometimes appealing) blemishes. For the high-end granite, expect the costs to run towards $1500. This includes both installation and material costs.

How Far Up Should Kitchen Backsplash Go?

Most decorators would probably tell you to install a backsplash at least four inches tall. With that being said, there isn’t a definitive standard that tells you what the height must be. That gives homeowners some pleasant leeway in the design process.

Shorter backsplash allows you to utilize the open space beneath your cabinets for alternative decoration. You could decorate with tile or another material. However, leaving the area above the backsplash empty does expose your drywall to (you guessed it) backsplashing food juices.

Covering the entire wall with your backsplash creates a more luxurious and cohesive look for your kitchen wall. It’s easier to keep clean too! Obviously, it’s going to be more expensive and take more time to install. While shorter ones can be installed on the same day as your counters, full-height backsplashes may require an extra few days.

Backsplash Installation

“Should you do backsplash or countertops first?” “How much time should I leave for installation?” Whether you ultimately choose a tile or granite installation, your backsplash does come with a correct fitting process that needs to be carried out for a lasting and attractive design. We’ll tackle some install basics before finishing up.

Install Order

Should Kitchen Backsplash Be Installed Before Countertop?

Absolutely not. The countertop typically services as the support base for your backsplash. Free hanging backsplash can cause unnecessary wear on the wall behind your granite. In shorter designs, the granite back can typically be completed on the same day as your countertop. That’s good news if you’re trying to avoid an extra few days at the hotel!

How Long Does it Take to Install Backsplash?

While shorter granite designs can be finished shortly after your countertops, full-height installations may take an additional two to three days to complete. That’s because your installer needs to reassess the dimensions between your counter, the cabinets above, and any outlets on the wall that will require cutouts.

Once the measurements have been redone, expect the granite installation to finish up to two days later (sometimes more for larger projects). On a side note, you can expect tile backsplashes to take two days at least.

Want More Info About Granite Backsplashes?

Our team at Wholesale Granite Direct would love to help you plan your next granite backsplash in Arlington, TX! We’ve served countless homeowners and developers over the years, and we can’t wait to serve you too. To learn more about our local solutions, pricing, and selection, call our friendly staff at 817-962-2616.

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