What to Consider When Thinking About a Stone Shower

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Considering a Stone Shower Installation? Find Out More Information!

If you are considering redoing your shower, it’s important to research your materials. One of the most beautiful types of materials for a shower installation is stone. A stone shower can come in a variety of materials such as granite, quartz, and even marble. While these kinds of stones are aesthetically pleasing, they can be intimidating to a lot of people. This is due to the fact that a stone shower may seem like a big hassle in terms of cleaning and keeping it in good shape. Whether you want a granite shower or a stone shower floor, it’s important that you consider a few things before thinking about a stone shower for your home’s bathroom. Below are some frequently asked questions about showers that we have answered. If you have been considering a stone shower installation, this should be a helpful guide for you.


The Benefits of a Stone Shower

Before you make the decision to call for a stone shower installation, it’s important to know why a stone shower is the best material for your bathroom. There are several benefits to choosing stone for your shower walls and floors.

  • They Are Unique: When you choose stone for your shower, you are going to get a shower that doesn’t look like anyone else’s. This is because each stone, even the same type of stone, is different from the next, so you will always have a shower that is unique in how it looks.
  • They Are Stylish: Want to give your bathroom an easy facelift? A stone shower is it. Whether you use granite or marble, you will get a heightened look that oozes luxury.
  • Great Investment: This is a great investment for your home because stone like granite, marble, and quartz will never go out of style. Stone has been around for centuries and continues to look better and better.
  • They Are Energy-Efficient: Stones are able to retain heat a lot more than most materials, which makes them great for showers. With a stone shower, you can keep the heat in and decrease cold drafts.
  • They Are Easy To Maintain: While you do have to use specific products to clean a stone shower, you can feel better knowing that just a little bit of cleaning and maintenance will keep it looking new for the long-term.

What Stone Is Best for Shower Walls?

A Bathroom That Is Covered in Marble

When Considering a Stone Shower, There Are Many Things To Think About.

When deciding on a stone shower, it’s important to know which stone will work best for your shower walls. Your shower walls can get pretty wet, so you want a stone material that is able to withstand water and is durable.

  • Marble: One of the best types of stone for a shower installation is marble. This is due to the fact that it is a high-quality material, is very durable, and while it can be expensive, it ends up paying for itself down the road because marble is always in style. The one thing that needs to be done if you choose marble for your shower walls is to have it sealed so that it can resist moisture better.
  • Granite: Granite is not only a great choice for countertops, but it’s also great for showers, as well. This is because granite is very sturdy and it can withstand ingredients that are found in soap, shampoo, and chemical cleaners. It’s also important to note that granite is easy to maintain.
  • Soapstone: Soapstone is a non-porous¬†type of stone, so you never have to worry about water seeping into the stone and staying there. Not only is soapstone beautiful, but it also has thermal characteristics that can make a room very warm.
  • Onyx: If you want a stone shower for your bathroom but also want to save some money, consider onyx. Onyx is great because it’s affordable but it’s easy to install, comes in a wide variety of colors, and is simple to maintain.
  • Slate: When we think of slate we usually think of roofing or flooring. However, you can also use slate for shower walls and even floors. Slate has been around for centuries and continues to be popular because it is durable and beautiful.

Can You Use Stacked Stone in a Shower?

Stones come in different textures; they can either be really smooth or they can be rough. Typically, when we are thinking of stone for a shower installation, smooth stones seem like they would work the best. However, there are tons of people who want a more textured look and really love how stacked stones look. When we think of stacked stones, we think of a relaxing place like a spa. What better way to make your bathroom feel like a spa than with stacked stone. When the stacked stone was first used, there were problems with moisture. Stones are porous, which is why granite, marble, and other stone materials need to be sealed in order to keep moisture out. Due to the construction of stacked stone in a shower, using the right amount of layers is incredibly important. If you are interested in a stacked stone shower, it’s important to have a great bottom layer, waterproofing layer, and sealer to ensure no water can get in.

What Is Cast Stone Shower Tray?

The area of your shower that is going to get the most action is undoubtedly is your shower floor. One thing to consider when you are getting a shower installation is whether you need a shower tray. A shower tray, or shower pan, is able to reduce water leaks¬† This is especially true if you are getting a stone shower installation. Do you want your shower floor to be made of stone? The most common materials used for a shower tray are acrylic, but it’s probably a good idea to match the same material as your shower walls, so getting something like a cast stone shower tray might be the best option. A cast stone shower tray isn’t made of real stone, but of a stone resin that is able to mimic the appearance of natural stone. To have a shower tray that looks good with your stone shower, a cast stone shower tray is a safe bet.

Cleaning and Maintenance

What To Clean Natural Stone Shower With

When you decide to get a stone shower installation for your bathroom, you need to be aware of the cleaning process. But how do you take care of a natural stone shower? Because stone is a very high-quality material, it’s important to protect your investment and clean it properly.

  1. Weekly Cleaning: You will need to clean your stone shower weekly. This is to prevent a build-up of soap, get rid of water spots, and avoid having mildew in the shower. You must use stone specific shower cleaner; using a cleaner that has acid in it can hurt the stone.
  2. Squeegee: When a stone is in contact with too much moisture, it can start to mildew. To avoid this from happening, you can use a squeegee to remove the rest of the water from the stone after your shower.
  3. Remove Mildew: If you do in fact get mildew in your shower, you can use bleach to remove it. Let it sit for a few minutes then use a microfiber towel to remove the bleach.
  4. Regular Sealing: In order to avoid water seeping into the stone, it’s important to get your stone shower sealed.

Keeping your shower clean and well maintained will ensure that your stone shower looks great and that it is in excellent condition.

If you think a stone shower installation in Arlington, TX would work best for you, it’s best to call a professional. Just like you wouldn’t leave a toilet replacement in Fort Worth, TX up to an amateur plumber, you wouldn’t let just anyone install your stone showers. To get the best stone shower installation, call Wholesale Granite Direct at 817-962-2616.